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Impressive animation.

Looks like there was quite a bit of effort put into this. I loved the facial expressions, and your overall drawing style. It was a little random, and the ending seemed a bit abrupt, but I still enjoyed it.

Also, when I first saw which songs you used I expected it to be much more creepy :P Thanks for using ma music.

Contrary to what you're saying...

This isn't made in one single layer. It's pretty obvious (especially when you right click and press play) you're using symbols everywhere just so there's only one layer in the main timeline. I mean, anybody could take a flash with 20 layers, make 20 movie-clips out of each layer and then finally put all those movie clips in the main layer, but what's the point? Not only is the collaboration idea itself rather mediocre, the animation, for the most part, isn't all that special either. On the plus side, the song was cool, and there was some pretty good stuff on there. The menu also looked very nice.


There was obviously a lot of effort put into the animation, and music, but was there as much effort put into the story (and voice acting for that matter)? I'll start off with the voice acting: it was extremely unconvincing, and laughable. The voices also happened to take me away from the music, so you probably would have been better off without them. On another note (pun intended?), why is he playing piano while his parents are fighting?

Then his dad leaves, and, "The Composer," decides to roll, oh wait, DRAG his piano onto the side walk so he can... play piano outside. Why? While he's playing a bum happens to stroll along - by the way, what kind of place does this guy live in where hobos are just strolling along the sidewalk? So the guy gives him some cash, but before that, the Composer closes his eyes, clench his teeth, and starts whimpering. Am I supposed to be moved by now? Then, my favorite part, the bum looks up with a smile, a tear in his eye, and the Composer plays a nice little chord - classic. Then I guess the Composer says to himself, "Well shit, if I can impress some random hobo on the street I must be amazing," and drags his piano all the way to the city to play for all the people who couldn't care less. It's at this point, some guy talking on a cell phone rolls open this paper saying, "The Composer," which of course implies that he is instantly famous. Then some more instruments are brought into the mix, and the Composer's job is now limited to holding one hand on a music stand, and waving his arm around on the beat. Oh, and why are everyone's eyes closed? Shouldn't they be reading the music?

Only now, after God knows how many years, people start to realize that this, "composer," has been playing the same song the whole time! And then the song finishes, so he decides to walk home. The part where he passes the heavy metal show seemed a little unnecessary to me, keep in mind I'm not just saying that because I'm trying to defend that genre of music, which I'm not. So the composer arrives home, and discovers that his house has been abandoned. He turns and notices a sad boy playing his guitar. He gives him some money, starts crying, nice face by the way, and sits down next to him.

In the end, I think what basically ruined the flash was that you tried to hard, and it shows. The fact that the story is so stupid helped kill it for me as well.

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The game itself is fun but I had to stop because having to click the mouse after every level ruined the flow completely for me.

Fun but...

What's the point of getting a score (which I now have with 1,214,231 points) if it doesn't show your name?

Very fun waste of time, but that's a pretty big bummer.

Minus a few bugs, it's perfect.

There's not much to say negatively about this game. It has a very nice and simple design, it's addictive, challenging, and has some decent music. If this were to be released as say an iPhone app, or perhaps and Xbox Live Indie title, I wouldn't mind putting a few dollars for it.

One annoying glitch was that if you were to jump diagonally and enter a car, you still get the points, but the game thinks you're still in your original car. It can be confusing if you're trying to rack up a combo. Also I think maybe the car that the player is controlling should glow or something just so it's more clear as to which car you are using.

Other than that though, it's amazing.

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Bwah! Dude this is so freakin' good. Sweet job, this is awesome.

Bacon rocks the talk-box

Impressive, but I'm not surprised considering it's the Kevin Bacon.


snayk responds:


Cute song.

Loved the spacey chip tones, but when you had the dry one going on it's own I thought it sounded too plain. Then again, I always go way overboard with reverb. I didn't really like the crashes going one after the other near the end, but I loved the last few notes. Nice job :)

Jeesh responds:


First off thank you very much for reviewing I realy, realy appreciate it, making music is something I greatly enjoy even more so when some one else enjoys listening to it.

Secondly this song for me was very experimental for me, so I'm still finding my feet as such with this kind of music, I do enjoy it so more soon to come :)

Once again thank you!

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Yeah, I'm just a little bit jealous.

katouZ responds:

lol thanks, now if only it wasn't for those anime crazy virgins who keep down grading my amazing art work :)


This would look great hanging over my bed! Oh wait...


Hey hey. If you'd like to use something I've made for something just send me a pm.

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